The Secret to Living A Rich Life

There is a saying that the graveyard is the richest place on earth because there you will find the world’s greatest treasures; unwritten books, unsung songs and phenomenal ideas all buried with those who weren’t brave enough to give their gifts while they were alive. It is this sobering thought that keeps me motivated to share my gifts in whatever way I can. I have found this practice to be very rewarding which lead me to devoting my practice to helping others to discover and align their gifts with their work so that they can build their dreams, serve others and prosper in life.

 Life is Our Greatest Gift – When was the last time you stood in the mirror and looked at yourself and said, “What a wonderful gift I am!” Many of us have never done this but when a baby enters the world we marvel over it and treat the baby like the most precious thing. But, as we grow older it seems we grow out of the appreciation of our self as a gift. As the bearer of the precious gift of life we are called to the duty of giving our inner gifts. If we do not give our unique gifts to the world we might as well have not existed. Bear this in mind, no gift is too small, and every gift is worthy. By giving our gifts we make our whole life richer. Our life is not just a gift to us but it is a gift for us to use while we have it. I challenge you now to look in the mirror and realize the wonderful gift that you are and commit to discovering and sharing the gifts inside of you. Once you start to live this way you will discover that it is the key to your personal and financial prosperity and the most rewarding way to live. If you need some help discovering and aligning your gifts apply for a free Success Strategy Session with me.

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Giving Creates Abundance – Giving keeps us focused on what we have to offer to the world instead of what we think we lack. By giving we raise our energetic field and begin to feel like we have more to give. This mindset creates abundance as a very simple rule of the universe “you become what you believe.” Abundance only comes to those who already feel abundant and stays away from those who yearn for it out of lack. As our lives become richer by giving we learn how to receive. It is a simple concept but many of us do not know how to receive and that is because we often see ourselves as not having any value. But, as we take the quantum leap and live by giving we debunk our feelings of unworthiness and begin to feel worthy of the great gifts we receive in return for our kindness. Click here to accept your gifts from me.

 Giving Increases Love in Our Life – As we show compassion and caring towards others we increase our love energy and attract more love and lovely things into our lives. By giving, we create powerful human connections because people always remember those who gave them something special. When we feel connected to the receiver the giving is even more powerful. Don’t give just for giving sake; give truly and genuinely from the spirit and you will find that you create lasting connections. I do not believe that we have singular missions or purposes I believe that we are all interconnected and meant to serve with our gifts. This is why I focus on connecting with and serving those who I came to serve. Click here to find out how you can increase your love vibration and manifest your dreams.

Giving Inspires Gratitude – Gratitude is the basis of all good things and when we give we experience not just the gratitude of others but we unleash our own sense of gratitude as we experience the power of the gifts we bring. This is a prayer that I often repeat, “Thank you Great Creator for giving me these gifts and the ability to experience and receive the abundance of its value.”

Giving Improves Health – Yes giving is scientifically proven to extend our life by improving overall health. As you give the body produces positive emotions or oxytocin, which triggers happiness. These positive emotions can catapult people out of depression and feelings of stress resulting in improved overall health.

 Giving Strengthens Our Connection to the Creator – You don’t have to wait until you get to church to give offering. You have an opportunity every day to make even more powerful impacts by offering your gifts in service. When we give and serve with our gifts this is our true offering to our creator. This type of offering is usually rewarded by grace, miracles and fortuitous encounters and blessings that help us to evolve into our best self.

Giving Makes Us Rich Monetarily – This statement is totally preposterous to the person who focuses on lack but the truth is something very important happens before we give. Before we give any gift we have to first realize its value, it is this value that makes it worthy of giving and it is this recognition of value that will bring more value to the giver. This recognition and acceptance of our value is what creates material riches in our life because as we give valuable gifts they are returned to us in kind. Yes, we deserve to profit from our gifts financially especially when we are serving others with them. As we give we discover those who are in need of our gifts and as we bring value to them we become richer in so many ways.

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 We Were Born to Give – Giving simple kindness and gifts of the spirit is a natural instinct but society has managed to make it feel weird. Giving has been turned into a purely material act with ulterior motives. That is why it is not sufficient merely to give but to give with a pure spirit and the greatest gift of all is the harvest of cultivating our inner gifts. The quote below is something I live by. It is often misattributed to the great artist Pablo Picasso but was first written by David Visscott:

The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.

As we develop and give our inner gifts we evolve into who were born to be and oh what a joy to live our fullest expression! What are the gifts that you were born to give? Share them in the comments here and experience the support of a community of people who are also committed to finding, developing and giving their gifts. Don’t forget to pick up your gifts from me…Click here.

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From my Heart to Yours,




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4 thoughts on “The Secret to Living A Rich Life”

  1. I am glad I was recommended to this site by a close friend, who heard the problems my oldest daughter is going through. I will definitely have her sign up, or I’ll do it, for your emails. After checking out your stuff, I truly believe I was sent here to help her find YOU. Her problems stem from my divorce (father NOT in the picture) and her previous relationships. My heart breaks daily over it. Maybe she can find herself and some solace when she connects to you. Please keep your message going. We need more people like you in this world. 🙂

    1. Ann absolutely that is why I’m here. There are no coincidences I look forward to supporting you and your daughter in any way I can. I am humbled & honored. Thank you.

  2. Love what you say here. And it’s very, very true…do not give just to be giving….do it from your heart, it’ll be appreciated more, and it will be a huge difference in the way the recipient sees the giver. As I grew u in a medical family, I obviously got in the field myself. I am nurse, I volunteer in my free time with the homeless shelters and I work with an agency that offers free medical care to those who cant afford otherwise. And I absolutely love it! I have fulfilled, and continue to, my calling in life…and yes, it is hard work, but it gives me great pleasure to know I’m helping others. I’ll do my job when I have children to continue this unselfish giving. Thank you for trying to spread the word….we all can give, either a little or a lot. Just make sure it’s true, and not forced.

    1. Absolutely Piper we must give genuinely otherwise it becomes a burden and instead of reciprocating the good effects of giving we get back the same burdensome spirit with which we gave. Do it only when you absolutely mean it…but once you start giving from the heart you see how your life changes. Thanks for reading and commenting Piper. Please share the message and stay in touch on the blog.

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