Rise Again Song Premiere

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt completely shattered but in picking up the pieces you found that you had mended stronger than you were before? In this episode of LevantayTV I  premiere my latest single entitled “Rise Again” with a Lyric video. Rise Again is a song about coming back stronger after adversity and it is a tribute to the warrior spirit. In this video you will find out about the inspiration for the song and behind the scenes dish on the uninvited co-star in the lyric video. This song is a tribute to the warrior spirit.

And below please enjoy the new song and lyric video “Rise Again”


Early this morning as I prepared to put out this video and blog post this profound thought came to mind “What was meant to break you will be used to create you.” I decided to make it my LevNote for this episode and I hope you will be blessed by the song and the story.

This week’s Lev Note – A Love Note from my heart to yours:

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8 thoughts on “Rise Again Song Premiere”

  1. Cheyenne Smith


    Just wanted to say I love your music. Also wanted to know who does your awesome lyrics videos as well? Awesome job with the song and keep it up!!

    1. Thank you Cheyenne. I put the video together myself and then I hire someone to animate the lyrics. I could send you their info if you would like. Please share the message and video with your network. xoxo

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