Here Are Your Results

You can win at anything you set your mind to with the right approach to challenges. Read below to discover your Challenge Personality™ and what areas you should focus on to improve your mindset and super charge your success.

Here’s what your scores mean

If your score is 70 or
 higher in Category 1

That means you have a “Pleasure Challenge Personality™.” You will definitely succeed at your goals because the Pleasure Challenge Personality has a Champion Mindset and is a high achiever who wins at anything they set their mind to.

The Pleasure Challenge Personality sees life as an adventure

  • When they experience change they focus on what they will gain from it
  • They remain open, flexible and coachable
  • They embrace the idea of always growing and expanding and so they approach uncertainty with faith and excitement for the unknown
  • They embrace challenges and are consciously or unconsciously using a reliable strategy to consistently succeed

If this is you, you will succeed at your goals.
Be patient and consistent with your actions and attitude.

If your score is
higher in Category 2

That means you have a “Pain Challenge Personality™.” The Pain Challenge Personality usually struggle to achieve their top goals because they respond to challenges with a spirit of pain and shy away from change.

The Pain Challenge Personality sees change and challenges as painful

  • When they encounter things outside of their comfort zone they doubt their abilities
  • They allow themselves to get caught up in thought instead of taking action
  • They severely dislike uncertainty
  • The Pain challenge personality only celebrate big wins and even then they spend more time thinking about what went wrong instead of what is going right
  • When confronted with the truth the Pain Challenge Personality can sometimes feel uncomfortable; you may want to judge yourself, shut your computer or reject the idea but the only way to grow is to embrace what confronts you and know that you are perfectly where you’re supposed to be if you are always learning and growing. As you go through your results I want you to slow down and extend yourself compassion

If this is you; there’s hope, you can achieve your goals. You must stop retreating from challenges and change in fear by implementing an effective strategy that will help you to consistently shift out of pain and into pleasure personality. Instead of worrying about whether you will fail, think about what it would look like if you had the courage to overcome the challenge and succeed.

If your score is
tied or close in both categories

That means you are like majority of  people who are “Mixed Challenge Personality™”

 These people fall right in the middle and achieve inconsistent success because they go back and forth between challenge personalities when they encounter challenges.

  • They waver between confidence and self-doubt and they often sabotage themselves with negative self-talk
  • These people often feel stuck and live with a nagging feeling that they are wasting their potential
  • These people have great potential but their biggest challenge is to get out of their own way
  • They excel in their comfort zone but when they are challenged to grow and change they often hesitate and achieve less than desirable results
  • They yearn for great success and often work really hard but they hit walls in their mind because they do not have a reliable strategy to keep them in pleasure mode so that they can consistently succeed
  • You may find these people in the self help aisle at the book store because they are always looking to be better but they often fail to execute what they learn

If this is you, your job is to stop wavering between challenge personalities so that you can have consistent success instead of occasional success. When you encounter challenges be mindful and determine if you are pulling more from your pain or pleasure personality. If self-doubt creeps in and you find your confidence wavering you are working more from pain and you must have a reliable strategy that shifts you into pleasure mode so you can unleash your inner champion and win.


If you find that you have a Pain Challenge Personality or a Mixed Challenge Personality you must incorporate a strategy that allows you to consistently shift into pleasure mode so you can unleash your inner champion.  If you have a Pleasure Challenge Personality it is important to continue to feed your mindset with positive re-enforcements and seek out ways to finesse your process and practice for increasing results. The key to a champion mindset is having a Pleasure Challenge Personality and this must be maintained by an effective and reliable strategy like the 7 Laws of the Champion Mindset so that you can consistently win at anything you set your mind to. Now that we're connected I will share with you the 7 Laws of the Champion Mindset strategy.

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