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Periods to Profits Planner

Struggling to find a planner that actually works?

Maybe your other planners didn't work because they were forcing you to achieve like men

It's time to try something different...

Introducing the Periods to Profits Planner

This unique Planner for women entrepreneurs and professionals helps women  capitalize on the scientific connection between a woman’s professional flow and her monthly flow.

Unlike what most women have been told about the menstrual cycle

It is scientifically proven  to be the key to a woman's creativity, productivity and even profitability

In essence it holds the key to her success!

By using a simple and practical system called the PERIOD Method™ developed by Levantay, this planner helps women sync their professional goals with the four phases of the menstrual cycle so they can achieve maximum productivity while also feeling their very best.

What's Inside?

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why I created the period™ method 

Like most women, I started tracking my period for birth control reasons, but as I tracked it I noticed a stark correlation between the phases of the cycle and my performance in my work.

I always thought of my period as just something that happened every month, which was often a big nuisance, and made me feel weird or dare I say, “crazy”.

Most women are taught to see the menstrual cycle singularly as the moments when they have their period. Many women grow up with feelings of shame and embarrassment around the natural female cycle. Especially in our largely patriarchal world where women are taught to reject, and hence, take this key part of our biological function for granted.

Contrarily, we are never taught of our cycle’s sacredness, creativity, and wisdom.  My whole life changed when I decided to harness the power and wisdom of my cycle.

As I did that, a pattern emerged, which I have since used to create the PERIOD Method™ – a simple process that helps women sync their work with their menstrual cycle so they can be more productive, creative, profitable and joyful.

The ancient wisdom of achieving success by syncing our work with our menstrual cycle is not new, but I could not find a system that puts it into everyday practice, so I created the PERIOD Method™ Planner as the first simple, yet effective system that allows for everyday application of this powerful practice.

Don't take my word for it

Brilliant idea and planner! Not only did this planner help me adapt my menstrual cycle to my business, but also helped me stabilize profit! I highly recommend this planner for start ups, or anyone who’s interested in starting their own business..

Yurliya // Amazon Review

This planner helps us take everything we know on an intuitive level as women and utilize it to make a total paradigm shift. Total game changer for improving your alignment, focus, productivity. Heartily recommend it!

Island Spice// Amazon Review

If you want to feel more productive, joyful, creative, and balanced in your work and business, there is no better planner for women. It is true that we live in a man’s world that puts women at a large disadvantage but this planning system gives women an incredible advantage! By aligning my goals with what’s going on in my body I feel powerful and in charge. I find that when I work this way I experience great results with ease and flow.

Morgan //Amazon Review

Sharon Lechter

Co-Author Rich dad poor dad & think and grow rich for women

Levantay is a role model for her generation. She stands in her power and impacts lives wherever she goes.


Alinka Rutkowska

Bestselling author & CEO

Using the PERIOD Method, I have learned to listen to my body. It gives me such peace to know that there is a biological reason to give myself a break, and also a time to rev up the engines and go full speed.

Dr. Barbara DeAngelis

Author of 16 New York Times Bestselling Books

Levantay has a heart for helping women. She is a healer and a transformative leader.

PERIOD Method™

Thoroughly Researched and Applied

Scientific, Practical Easy to Use

Proprietary System You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Easily Customized to Your Needs

Not a rigid Planner but a System that  helps you create healthy habits through small steps.

Enhances both Well-being and Performance

Doing Good with Your Purchase

20% of the proceeds from your purchase of this planner goes toward funding the development of the Brave Girls Change The World Foundation where we are on a mission to help underprivileged girls in third world countries use their voice to change their world. The organization helps girls by carrying out educational programs that develop mindset, self-esteem, confidence, business acumen and voice.

It is a known fact that when women do better we all do better, and when girls are empowered the world changes for the better. Thank you!

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