How To Turn Perfectionism Into Fuel For Success & Officially Kick Its Butt


In the process of my life I have discovered that behind every challenge there is a gift and so I wondered, what could be the gift behind perfectionism? I was surprised to find that some of the most successful people in the world like Martha Stewart and Serena Williams claim to be perfectionists but they achieve great things despite it because they have learned how to transform it into fuel for success. Last time we chastised perfectionism and kicked its butt. We revealed it for the tricky little lie that keeps us stuck by preventing us from taking action because “things aren’t perfect.” So yea, yea I hear the cynics saying, “how can perfectionism ever be positive?” Well I am here to show you how to find the gift in perfectionism … and it’s not what you think. Yes it can actually fuel your success. Click play and lets kick it.


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Deep down all perfectionists share a yearning for excellence. This is the key excuse they use to hold themselves back and it is also the key to turning perfectionism into fuel for success. When we take away the yearning for perfection and replace it with the spirit of excellence backed by the courage to take imperfect action we have officially kicked the but of perfectionism and turn it into fuel for success. Remember you do not grow in the effort of being perfect you grow in the effort of doing your best.

When we allow ourselves to be enamored by perfectionism we develop two complexes: the inferiority complex and the superiority complex.

Inferiority Complex

Where Perfectionism is used to hide feelings of inadequacy. This causes you to compare yourself to others often irrationally – comparing your weak points to others strengths
Superiority Complex

Where insecurity hides itself under the bright and shiny idea of being perfect. You can spot these type of people easily, they are the ones acting superior to others to hide their true feelings of inferiority. Instead of taking action perfectionists set ridiculous standards and then feel deeply disappointed when they are not achieved. The perfectionist’s worst enemy stares back at him in the mirror every day. Do you want to be the critic who is never satisfied or the authentic individual who strives for excellence but also recognizes the gift in imperfection?
Here are three strategies that will help you to turn perfectionism into a gift:

  1. Work with spirit of excellence – give your desires and goals your best shot do not seek to be perfect, seek to be excellent
  2. Be ok with mistakes – you won’t always get it right the first time but trying brings you closer. The perfectionist is afraid of making mistakes this either keeps them from trying or causes shame that chips away at their self-confidence.
  3. Embrace the mess. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable and take leaps before you think you are ready. Taking imperfect action is essential to stay in momentum and out of the rut of feeling stuck. Keep on taking imperfect action and as you see yourself succeeding by taking small steps you will keep yourself in momentum and realize how much more free and happy you feel compared to allowing yourself to stay stuck.

The things that stop us in life are usually not meant to hold us back but to remind us that wherever we are greatly challenged we are also greatly gifted. Your attitude towards challenges is the key to your success and in my mindset of champions training you can discover your challenge personality and learn the mindset that gets you anything you want in life.

Hope you enjoyed the playsheet …. happy playing in the game of creating your beYOUtiful Life!

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2 thoughts on “How To Turn Perfectionism Into Fuel For Success & Officially Kick Its Butt”

  1. Thanks Levantay!!!
    Your coaching here has really helped me to take needed action.
    I am far from a perfectionist, but in the past I have allowed myself to
    delay action because things weren’t quite right.
    I like the encouragement to take on a Spirit of Excellence and move.

    1. Hey Kim I’m so glad you found this useful in moving forward with your goals. I admire your work as well and I am grateful for your sharing.

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