Let there Be Love & Light

As we approach Christmas and the holiday season I want to reconnect with what is truly important.  When I was growing up in Spur Tree Jamaica, Christmas had a feeling all its own, it was like a fever!  I remember the excitement to play with my cousins, see my aunts and our friends during the time when everyone makes the effort to reconnect.  I cannot remember receiving a gift from my family except new clothes for Christmas and pocket money for Grand Market night however the feeling that I felt during those times when there was nothing but love and festivity all around can never be replaced by the most expensive gift.

The joy of Christmas is a return to Love, the joy of giving that most priceless gift of love, reminding us that this is how we should live every day life.   Living in that space of giving and receiving love without limits or expectations brings inner peace that cannot be attained by looking outside of yourself.

The gift giving frenzy that overtakes us at this time is a reminder that the world is filled with distractions made to get us to look outside of ourselves for the answers instead of within.  Truly there are no answers in the world, we cannot allow external forces to infiltrate our peace, define our worth or  dim our light.   We were not made for strife; in fact we were made to live through our purpose.  Lets return to basics because the best gift we can give our self is to live a life filled with purpose that comes from knowing one’s self, and who knows you better than that eight year old self?  Go back to that magical time and remember yourself, remember your desires and conquer your dreams.

I know that my purpose is to bring light to the world through words, be it music, poetry, speaking or just existing.  This gives me purpose and so I believe that it will be enabled to come into the world no matter what obstacles I face.

Remember don’t you dim your light be extraordinarily bright, that is the best gift you can give yourself & the world!

Looking forward to the New Year when I can share these new chunes with you!

Merry Christmas!

From my heart to yours.


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