Lost & Found

Introducing the “Mission…Brave Girl” 

Have you ever lost something you had invested your all in?  Many of us can relate to this experience for example, when you kick an ex to the curb, loose a job or computer crashes before you save an important file.   In that moment it seems like total defeat, you feel like you can never recapture the flow, but how many of us have gotten up from those moments and realized that what we created next was even better than what we had before?  That is exactly what happened after I walked out of the studio on that rainy night.  I felt dejected and worthless, but I had to get up again and what I created next was “The Brave Girl Movement.

“Brave Girl” in essence is me writing for my life while finding my own path to healing.  It is my only wish that it will touch and heal others.   I am still in the process of developing these songs so the healing process is ongoing and will be unfolding on these blog pages.  In my next blog I will share lyrics to the title track “Brave Girl,” but for now I will share how I was able to rise up and reinvent myself.

We all hit rock bottom sometime or a few times, in my case 🙂  so I wanted to share some tips for bouncing back stronger:

Make grief temporary – it is ok to grieve your loss and feel the sadness but do not let it overtake you, make this process brief and choose to focus on recovery.  If you are like me, it helps immensely to daydream by imagining what it would feel like after you have triumphed.  Keep your head in the clouds, act from the end and go ahead and triumph!

It’s never as bad as it seems – sounds like a bunch of baloney but if you are not about to die in this very moment…it’s not as bad as it seems.   When you recognize that every experience, every obstacle has its place in the journey of fulfilling your purpose then you never let a crisis go to waste!

Change your thoughts – During one of my many moments of wallowing in despair, one of my mentors told me “you can’t get answers in negativity.”   That statement comes to me whenever I feel like giving up; there is always a better way but that better way will not come to you if you choose to stay in negative thought.  Thoughts have power if you charge them positively they create positive vibrations around you and since everything is energy at the end of the day you create your own force field.   No matter how much you praise God if you wrap yourself in negativity there is no way for your blessing to come through and even if it did, you wouldn’t recognize it anyway.

Action not a bag a mouth – or a bag of thoughts, action heals!  Take action, start taking steps to moving on, take up a new hobby, work out, get a pet, whatever it takes to get you out of your brain and actively change your circumstance.   Pick up the pieces, or sometimes it’s better to leave them behind and reinvent yourself, either way it takes action.  A wise man once said, you cannot ask God to order your steps if you refuse to move your feet! Get to stepping!

YOLO – You Only Live Once! I don’t know anyone who had more than one shot at life…and even if reincarnation is real we can’t remember past lives so they might as well have never happened.   Infuse your life with enthusiasm because every moment is a once in a lifetime gift; you are a once in a life time gift.   Whatever is happening is temporary and this too shall pass but don’t let your life pass you by in misery and defeat.  I think there comes a time in our lives when we must decide to live rather than exist.  YOLO involves living wholeheartedly with enthusiasm, never, taking a moment for granted.  I am a Brave Girl, I am owning my purpose and YOLOing all the way! What say you?

Don’t be afraid to leave that mess behind, the future awaits and the present moment is your gate!

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From my heart to yours,



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