Levantay TV – The Success Show for Women of Color Launch Season 2 with Powerful Guest Experts

For Immediate Release – May 4, 2017

San Diego County, CA May 2017 – “The success show for women of color” are the keywords for the new season of Levantay TV a personal development talk show dedicated to inspiring women of color to unleash their unique gift, break through to their next level and make the impact they were born to create.

Season two features interviews with women who have written best selling books, advised United States Presidents, served on the board of Ivy Leagues, named top global leaders, operate multi-million dollar businesses and award winning charities just to name a few accomplishments. But what all these guest experts have in common is the fact that they have found a way to turn their gift into a prosperous life and career and they share how you can do that too. Watch the season 2 trailer here:


“I know you have a unique gift inside of you to impact the world,” says Levantay producer and host of Levantay TV. “And I am here to help you leverage your unique gifts into the beYOUtiful life, career and business you love, make your impact and breakthrough to your next level success.”

Host Levantay is a success coach, singer and educator who use her diverse background to mix personal development with music and edutainment. She has worked at top media companies such as CBS, MTV and BET.

With new episodes posted bi-weekly (every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday/Month) Levantay will inspire you with wit and wisdom to bring out your very best. From creativity, spirituality, productivity, entrepreneurship, entertainment, leadership to well-being, Levantay TV is here to help you unearth your gift, make your contribution and reach your full potential. Levantay TV is the first newsroom style online personal development talk show that mixes self-improvement with music as only Levantay can as a singer, success coach and educator.

The first interview of season 2 will be released on May 11th

Guest Experts Coming Up:

Rana Campbell of Dreams In Drive Podcast shares how early trauma lead her to find her gift and become an influencer in the Podcast space.

Tina Alton co-founder of the award winning charity “Undefeeted” helps millions of people with diabetes save their limbs from amputation. She shares her success tips and how she became an influential businesswoman, global leader and founder of the award winning charity.

Sharon Lechter best selling author, former advisor to Presidents Bush and Obama, global leader and financial expert shares her formula for success.

Eleanor Beaton shares how to own your voice and become a fierce feminine leader so you can take your seat at the tables where the big decisions are made.

Dr. Emily Letran high performance coach and CEO of two successful dental practices. Emily shares how she came to the United States as a refugee and became a leading business woman, philanthropist and expert in her field.

Dr. Isaura Gonzalez shares how she is empowering Latina women to reach their full potential and how she became a global leader speaking on behalf of her hermanas at the White House and the United Nations.

Plus so much more!

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