Why You Must Kick “BUT” for Success: How To Overcome Perfectionism 1

I hate big “BUTs” and I cannot lie ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ How many times have you held yourself back or let opportunities pass you by because you weren’t perfectly ready? “I’m ready to start working on this dream BUT..I’m ready to put myself out there BUT.”  It’s easy to give yourself the excuse that you’ll do it when it’s perfect. You think you are doing something positive by waiting until things are perfect but I am sorry to tell you that the perfect moment will never arrive and you will never be perfectly ready until you START taking action. I am guilty of calling myself a perfectionist and for a long time I thought that it was a positive trait until I discovered that it was the perfect lie that was keeping me stuck. In this episode of LevantayTV I share with you why you must kick BUT for success and the five steps I took to overcome the perfectionism trap. Click play and lets KICK IT!

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Kick the BUT of Perfectionism – Playsheet

It’s easy to hide behind the veil of perfectionism because it carries with it an entourage of alibis to readily give you a reason not to take the leap. If you catch yourself desiring to take certain actions and feeling ready yet as soon as you decide you hear that annoying voice saying “but you’re not ready or it’s not perfect,” that’s the voice of perfectionism. One of perfectionism’s chief alibis is fear, often taking the form of procrastination and self-doubt.


If you are finding yourself stuck here are five practical steps you can take to break out of the perfectionism trap and start moving towards success.

1 The only perfect moment is RIGHT NOW

Not tomorrow, not three months from now but right now. As you step out of the perfectionism trap you learn to realize the power of now. Eckhart Tolle writes about the supreme power of he present moment in his book “The Power of Now.” It’s a great read and I’ll put a link to it in the show notes below. Anyway, Waiting for the perfect moment traps us in limbo running scared of our own greatness. The great men and women of our time used what they had in the moment to create their masterpieces. Many of them exposed those masterpieces before they thought it was ready only to discover that it was just what the world needed at the time. You must seize the moment!

2 Realize that perfectionism is a MYTH

I often used to call myself a perfectionist and I thought that it was a good character trait until I realized that striving for perfection is like chasing a ghost. For many years I was told that I was not ready to expose my music to the world. When I became frustrated with someone else constantly telling me this I realized that I had been telling myself the same thing for much longer. I was scared of my own greatness and I was keeping myself trapped in limbo waiting for the perfect mythical moment. Perfectionism is a myth that parades itself as necessary because of course you can’t do it if it’s not perfect duh! So rather than taking action you stay stuck by fooling yourself that someday all will be perfect and on that joyous day that will never come you will finally just do it. The sooner you realize that perfectionism doesn’t help but actually holds you back, the sooner you will be able to free yourself from this useless hoax.

3 Recognize the fear… and do it anyway

Perfectionism carries fear under its wings because its main purpose is to keep you from reaching your full potential. Whenever you feel like you have betrayed yourself by not taking action or doing what you know you are supposed to do; these two are always the culprit. Severe self-doubt is always lurking beneath those two culprits and it shows up in your negative self-talk. When you spot these signs it is time to go ahead and do exactly what you have been putting off

4 Zap Procrastination

Procrastination is an alibi of perfectionism as well. It’s true birds of a feather flock together. You tell yourself that, it will be perfect at some future moment…just not right now so you procrastinate, you put it off. I am scared to imagine how many people buried in graveyards were waiting for their perfect moment to arrive until the day came when they had no more time. I am guilty of procrastination, especially when I need to prepare for huge moments in my life but the key that I have found to overcome this is to just consistently take small actions towards the goal even if its not the big thing you want to do right now at least that will keep you in momentum and get you closer to achieving the goal.

5 Focus on the good

Perfectionism is not a future state. It does not come after you have fixed all your flaws because at your essence you are whole and perfect as you are. Perfectionism tricks us to focus on what we think we don’t have rather than what we do have. In my Mindset of Champions Training I teach you how to shift your mindset to focus on what you have going for you. As you experience the success of taking chances and doing things before you think you’re ready you will be propelled out of the trap.

Hope you enjoyed the playsheet …. cherers to winning at the game of creating your beYOUtiful Life!

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What have you been putting off because you have been waiting for the perfect moment? Use the comments section below as your journal, get it all out and let us know how you plan to seize the moment.

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4 thoughts on “Why You Must Kick “BUT” for Success: How To Overcome Perfectionism 1”

  1. Levantay you are a God sent. Every time you send these episodes they are just what I need! Thank you for sharing so freely. I find myself anticipating your shows every two weeks. You are fuel for my spirit. This episode especially touched me where I needed it the most. I usually refrain from commenting on blogs but I couldn’t help myself because this episode has helped me to remove a block I’ve been struggling with for a long time. The way you frame perfectionism and the advice you give to overcome it is just phenomenal and thanks for the playsheet break down.

    1. Lauren your comment warms my heart truly, and gives me fuel to continue doing the work I am doing. I appreciate you so much and I will continue to bring you the fuel you need for your success every two weeks…first and last Thursday of each month ;( xo

  2. I didn’t understand the but part at first but now I get it haha so unique…I can’t help singing the song in my head. Phenomenal advice here … keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Thanks Sherieka haha yes it’s a cute play on words…one guy on facebook asked if I mis-spelt the word … “butt as in derriere,” he said “has two t’s not one.” LOL … he totally missed the point!

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