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Helping you Launch & Sell your Intellectual Property Online as "Virtual Gifts" that bring you more Income, Freedom and Impact

Now more than ever people are realizing that depending only on a paycheck is a bad idea 

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3 Secrets to Turning Your Gifts into Extra Income Online

This free Masterclass will unlock the formula and introduce you to the GPS to financial independence

Your Knowledge & Experience is valuable now more than ever... 

People are in need of your Gifts to make a difference in their life. But  you also deserve to have a difference in your life. You deserve to have peace of mind and extra money to save and invest while also making an impact in the world.

I have never felt more alive than at this point when I get to own my intellectual property and impact the lives of others in a much greater way than any corporation or classroom allows

I know the incredible joy that comes from living this way and that is why I am laser-focused on helping 1,000 people this year take control of their lives, so they can have more impact, income, and freedom.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  1. The 3 Secrets to Turning your Gifts (knowledge and experience) into Income
  2. The Opportunity that Exists Now that Never Existed Before
  3. Your GPS to Financial Independence

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Don’t worry you’re not alone, in fact I’ve been there myself:

I went from not being able to support myself on maternity leave to now having multiple income streams in addition to my professor job

How long could you survive if you lost a month or two of pay?

If you asked me this question several years ago I would have to say: one month.

More than half of Americans are only one paycheck away from poverty. 

A few years ago, I wasn’t even aware of my own income insecurity. I was living my parents’ dreams: I had gone to school, gotten a good job as an Associate Professor, and had my sights set on the tenure track. But when I became pregnant with my first child I realized that I could hardly support myself on maternity leave and, I didn’t want to run back to work after only five weeks.

As I searched for ways to supplement my income, I made a discovery that changed my life. I discovered that packaging my knowledge and experience into digital products and programs owned by me is the single most expedient way to financial independence.

Financial independence means that you no longer rely on a paycheck to cover your expenses. 

Not only did this allow me to stay at home with my baby for a whole year but still continually generates additional income outside of my professor job that gives me peace of mind and doesn’t overwhelm my time.

This opportunity is also available to you right now as the world is rapidly shifting into the knowledge age. 

The knowledge economy is based on the concept that knowledge and education can be packaged as intellectual products and services that yield high returns. 

And get this…

In times of uncertainty when markets go down, the knowledge market is proven to go up because millions of people around the globe are seeking non-traditional ways to improve their skill sets and/or further personal interests. According to market research, the knowledge market is set to increase exponentially from 187 billion in 2019 to upwards of 300 billion by 2025.

You are uniquely positioned to thrive in this economy:

The best thing about this economy is that it is available to everyone and easily bootstrapped. If you have access to the Internet – you also instantly have an office, a store, and a way to connect with those who need what you are offering.

I love my day job teaching bright-eyed college students, but I also love the peace of mind that comes from having extra income to save and invest.

I used to believe that if a corporation or school didn’t hire me, no one would pay me for what I know. That industrial age mindset is NOT true and has been blown out of the water. 

Being a mom, wife, teacher, and singer…I didn't think I had the time to make this possible. 

But once I had the right mentorship and systems everything changed

I'm here to let you in on the secret that changed my life!


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 In this masterclass you will learn:

  1. The 3 Secrets to Turning your Gifts (knowledge and experience) into Income
  2. The Opportunity that Exists Now that Never Existed Before
  3. Your GPS to Financial Independence

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