Profitable Soulopreneurs Networking

  • Meet other like-spirited entrepreneurs
  • Discover the #GPS to 6 Figures
  • Leave with a personalized step by step GPS to 6 Figures Plan

The event will be held on March 31st at 7pm ET/4pmPT

Hi, I'm Levantay

And I specialize in helping Entrepreneurs Align and Thrive. 

I am a Professor and Entrepreneur who over the past ten years have mentored many business owners to align with their Gifts and create Gift Powered Sales Systems (GPS) that bring them a flow of aligned leads so they can generate consistent 10k+ months. 

I created this space for Soulopreneurs to meet and collaborate while also learning about their own strengths, and how to apply the #GPSto6Figures. 

This free workshop is being offered to further my mission of empowering 1000 entrepreneurs to align and grow.

About the Event

This is a space for heart-centered entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate, and discover the GPS to 6 Figures

In this event you will  meet like spirited entrepreneurs, deep dive into your own Superpowers and walk away with a personalized step-by-step #GPSto6Figures Plan.

This is for you if:

➢ You’re a transformational coach or consultant but struggle to create consistent income

➢ You yearn to operate a business that fuels your soul while creating abundance, as a gateway to building generational wealth, and becoming a generous force for good in the world.

I've Trained With The Best So You Can Learn From The Best

I've invested in my Gifts and put in my 10,000+ hours so that I can help you


I was impressed that she really jumped in and helped me with my specific issues

My time with Levantay gave me the clarity I needed to take my business to the next level. If you get a chance to meet with her take it. 

Nicky Y Coach

Bonus - Pre Event Training and Quiz

Your pre-event activities are designed so you can receive value even before the event.

Before our time together on March 31st I've put together a mini training and quiz which are part of the foundation of what we will cover at the event.

Pre Training

The 6 Figure Soulopreneur Evolution

2 Myths that keep you stuck and how to go from struggle to super successful

Ever heard people say, "the riches is in the niches," or "you must follow your passion for success"? This training addresses how these two widely believed myths limit your success and reveal the secret to becoming an unrivaled leader in your space

Discover Your Money-Making Gifts' Superpowers

And What's Blocking You From More Money and Impact

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