Brave Girls Change The World

Brave Girls Change The World

We watched Brave Malala Yousafzai tell her story on TV this week and many of us were reminded that as comfortable as we are, we have not reached the final frontier in women’s rights.   In so many parts of the world girls are marginalized, denied basic human rights and an education.  In India, countless number of girls get raped every year, not to mention those who are burnt, in many countries girls are married by the age of twelve and impregnated before their bodies are ready to carry children resulting in death and severe health problems.  There is so much that goes unsaid but the truth that has been proven over and over again is that if you give a girl a chance you can change a family and by extension a community.

I was inspired to write the song “Brave Girl” after I watched a six year old Palestinian girl stand up to armed forces, her bravery was profound, yet she was not trying to be brave, she only wanted to be free.    We take so much for granted living in the free world, but we must never forget that there are those who need our voice and our advocacy to be truly free.

This is the title track of the “Brave Girl Movement” which falls under the umbrella of living bravely.

Brave Girl


They say don’t educate her

Cause she’ll have too much power

Work hard to make her cower

That way you can control her

But she got too much fire

She’s nature’s life bringer

Come on speak up my sisters



Where my brave girls at

Now where my brave girls at (repeat)



I’m a brave girl

I can change the world

I’m a brave girl brave girl (repeat)


Verse 2

My nature is to love you

Put no one else above you

But still you denigrate me

In misogynistic lyrics

Work hard but you underpay me

Lets end sex slavery

Stand up for my girls and ladies

Before I have a chance to make a change in the world

You steal my innocence rob me of being a girl

You rape, you bruise, abuse misuse

The woman that you came through


Pre hook


DJ Break

A we do di work dem get di pay

A we hunt di prey dem get di fame

Come ina di dancehall

Cyan hold up mi head

tings dem a promote

Jah know it well red

Mi nah go skin out

nah go run mi body red

Sound quality clarity sharp but it no gritty

My yute leggo mi hand

Cause dis is not charity

Come a talk up

bout how u a king

And u no know how fi sort out di ting

Set the pace

know your value my girl

Powerful force ina dis world

Sound quality, clarity sharp but it no gritty

My yute leggo mi hand

Cause this is not charity!


Hook repeat



Audio track coming soon!

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