beYOU – How to Find Your Voice & Use it

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew you had something important to say but you were too afraid to speak up? For a period in my life I allowed others to craft my message and mold me into what they believed I should be. Over time I found my voice which is not just my speaking or singing voice but my authentic self-expression. This blog tells you how you too can find your authentic self expression and use it as your platform of power. I am also sharing the lyric video for my song beYOUtiful since so many people have told me that the lyrics really touched them. Watch it here and please SHARE, Subscribe and Comment.

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I believe that we all have an important contribution to make and we should never underestimate the power of our voice and by voice I mean your unique gifts and expression. Here’s how to find your voice and become the best expression of yourself:

1.  You have something important to say…Express Yourself

“Nobody puts baby in the corner.” Remember that line from the movie Dirty Dancing? Well when you are confident in your own voice then nobody can put you in the corner. Like your fingerprint your voice is unique to you. We have all heard the phrase “finding my voice” used symbolically with “finding myself,” because your voice sets you apart from the crowd as an expression that can come only from you. It is important to take the time to find and express your voice. When I speak of voice I’m not speaking just of our speaking or singing voice I am speaking of that unique expression that sets us apart. It is important to find out who you are and what you represent authentically so that you can express yourself honestly. In this world it is easy to be swept along with the crowd but those who seek to find their unique expression are never comfortable being apart of the pack. When you realize that your voice is a gift not to be taken for granted you become mindful of your power and how you use it.

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 2. Listen to your body

Many years ago I found myself loosing my voice constantly. I went to the ENT to find out what was happening with me and there was nothing he could do for me. I was working for a narcissistic boss and I felt totally suppressed at work. That was also around the time when I walked away from the studio and stopped being creative. Later on I discovered that my laryngitis had a deeper meaning. My loss of voice was warning me that I was giving up control in my life and allowing myself to be suppressed. My loss of voice meant that I needed to take back control over my life and express myself authentically. Sometimes our ailments are not purely physical they come from a spiritual level to give us warnings about our lives. It is important to listen to our bodies, when we encounter ailments like these they might mean that we need to make changes or go in a different direction in our spiritual lives.

 3. Use Your words wisely

In the beginning there was the word and the word was with God.

How many times have our words caught up with us and shape our lives without us even knowing? Be careful what you say because words really do have creative power as displayed by the first line of Genesis. Now you do not have to be religious, in fact I am not, to know that our words really do shape our lives. Word sound is the ultimate creative power and we set things into motion sometimes merely by speaking words so be wise with your words.

 4. Trust your gut

Always trust your gut feeling no matter what others expect of you or tell you to do. Click To Tweet Many people use the heart to signify a place of emotional knowing like when we have a broken heart but from my experience when I have exciting and traumatic experiences I feel it in my gut. This gut feeling emerges from our solar plexus which is the center of our inner knowing. In order to find our voice and express it we must trust our gut and follow our intuition always. When we approach life from this place then our expression in the world will always be authentic and powerful.

 5. Do not bite your tongue

Once you have a strong sense of who you are then no one else can push you around. When you are so firmly aware of yourself you can express yourself freely and you never need to bite your tongue because you are already confident in your decisions and expressions.

 6. Know Yourself Live To Give Your Gift And Honor Your WHY

Knowing your voice helps you to stay on purpose because you have taken the time to figure out what you are about and you are convicted in who you are. When you have aligned yourself with your true power, your unique gift, and express yourself authentically you do not need anyone’s permission to do the things that are on your heart.

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 7. Tigers don’t roll with Cats

Have you ever seen tigers befriending cats? Knowing your voice helps you to know the people you are meant to serve and helps you to quickly spot the leeches who will drain your energy. When your life is based on authentic self-expression you always want to surround yourself with people who you can impact and those who impact you. Don’t be caught in the wrong crowd because this energy will put you out of resonance with your power and can alter your destiny.

8. Piss off

When you know yourself you also know what pisses you off. This is important so that you can avoid them or try to get the heck away as soon as you see it coming.

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9. Listen more than you speak

These are the words of the wise because finding your voice requires that you go within and go into stillness through meditation, mindfulness and reflection. In these moments you block out the world and go into a space where you can be honest with yourself. It is in this space that you find who you truly are so always remember to listen more than you speak and take the time to “be still and know.”

10. BeYoutiful!

When you have developed confidence in your unique expression then you no longer need to wear the masks of society and you are comfortable being yourself. You are free to tell your story because no one else can and you are aware that if you do not tell it, it will never be told. You are free to be you because you own the monopoly on that.

Remember no one else can tell your story and if you do not tell it, it will never be told Click To Tweet Sometimes it takes a little reminder and motivation to help us believe in our unique voice and gift. Over time I have learned to believe in the power of expressing my unique gifts and using my voice. Because I know who I am and whose I am it gives me confidence to express myself regardless of what others might think.

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From my heart to yours,


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    1. I can relate to this. I find mlysef watching my girls and wondering what they’re thinking, often. It’s amazing how smart children are and how aware they are. But they can’t always communicate all of that to us. But if they could?? Now that would be awesome.Jessica recently posted..

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