How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Sees Your Vision



Have you ever been doubted by someone you trust? As human beings it is in our nature to seek validation. We always want to know that someone else is in support of what we are doing but as visionaries we sometimes have to step out on a limb when no one else has the vision enough to see our dreams. As Steve Jobs said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Some people might think that this statement was an arrogant one but did you know you needed an iPad until he pushed his team to create one for you? In this week’s episode of LevantayTV I speak to those visionaries who are sometimes deterred from pursuing their dreams because of the disbelief of others. In this episode I share how to believe in your self when no one else does, and face it, if we are going to be extraordinary this is a skill we must develop. Click play and lets get started. Plus check out the show notes for a handy summary you can use to practice the steps on your own.


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Now more than ever it is time for us to live bravely and to believe in our self fiercely even when no one else does.  How do you hold on to your desires and your dreams in those moments when no one else believes?

1. Realize that your desires are sacred 

Your desires do not come from you and if you are in tune with yourself enough, you will understand that your desires are God’s way of revealing your purpose.   When you realize that your desires are sacred you can believe in yourself fiercely.  This takes a lot of faith and self-searching, therefore, take the time to search your soul and truly discover if you can live without fulfilling your desire(s).  If you honestly believe that you cannot truly live a full life without pursuing your desires then you have answered your question and you must hold on to it and work at it no matter what.

2. Believe in yourself fiercely

Since you have searched your soul and listened to your spirit and have realized that what you desire is truly a part of your purpose then you must believe in its power fiercely.  The title of this heading is believe in yourself, because your desires are truly who you are.  No two people are the same, no two people bring the same energy and no one else can do what you came to do.

3. Act with intention

As a creative spirit I know that my talents are not mine to keep so I operate from the intention of offering my gifts to the world in hope that it will touch and help some place.  I do not know God’s overall intention for me but I know that I was created from intention for intention and the desires of my heart are clues to God’s intention for creating me.  Ask yourself, what is my intention?  Listen closely you will feel an answer.  TRUST YOUR GUT.

4. Be tunnel-visioned

Focus on anything that helps you to achieve your goal and dispel anything that stands in your way.  This is the true key to success, many greats have been told that they were not good enough Einstein for example was expelled from school and refused admittance to Zurich Polytechnic School; his parents thought he was subnormal and his teachers had nothing good to say.  Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was too stupid to learn anything, he was fired from his first two jobs but whom do we think of every time we flip a light switch?


Everyday do something that puts you closer to your dreams.   Talent is great but what is more important is persistence and perseverance.  If the desire is in you to do something then take the time to learn that thing; make the effort to master it.

6. Surround yourself with the right people/energy

We are collective energy and it is important to surround our self with the energy that is in support of what we do and can help us to be better.   Just like you need people, people need you, give of yourself whatever you would also like to receive, do not be a parasite but be a person that helps others and you will see that the universe will reciprocate by sending you those who can help you.

7. Celebrate your accomplishments

Nothing motivates us more than experiencing success so do not take any moment for granted and you will find joy in every small achievement.

8. Do not judge and always have faith

This speaks for itself and I will be writing another post about the power of no judgment.  Let the negatives bounce off, cherish and build on the positive, never loose sight of the fact that a higher force supports you.  It has been my experience that my inner drives (desires) have kept me going even in moments when I felt like giving up so keep faith in what you came to do and never loose it.

There is a reason why God gives us the desires in our hearts and if we truly come from a place of spirit and are truly convinced that what is in our heart is what we should do, then no other human being has the right to tell us otherwise.

Share your story in the comments below. Let us know your feedback and how you develop the courage to believe in your mission and dreams. If you found this helpful join the inner circle here and pass it on…remember sharing is caring.

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