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Why did I create Gift Prosperity System™

Simple… I want to free teachers from being undervalued and underpaid. I want to live in a world where people are working in their gifts and being highly rewarded for it.

We already know that teachers change lives and so I wanted to build this program to change teachers’ lives. When teachers have more options, feel more fulfilled then that passion passes on into the world and the impact is priceless.

It’s time for you to flip the cap off your income and see what it’s like to prosper doing what you love.

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GPS to 6 Figures

5 Stages to build a $100,000 a year Business in a year or less

Level 1 GPS to Cashflow



With the GPS to 6 Figures Blueprint we help you develop an aligned, scalable High Ticket Gift, validate it in the marketplace and then sell it



You will have enrolled your first two clients in your new or improved program. Generating 4-5 figure cashflow. Without email list, website or Ads



You have begun serving your clients and you’re ready to leverage your prototype into even higher impact and higher sales.

Level 2 GPS to 6 Figures


Gift Powered Sales System

Your Gift Powered Sales System is designed and your lead generation method is in place as a “Done With You” Service


Optimize & Scale

At the end of this stage you will have more systems to continue to create consistent cash flow and scale your business to 100K.



Continue to grow and scale your business in alignment 

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