Hitting a wall in your biz, can't figure out why?

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Your unique Gifts that INCREASE Influence, Income, Impact       

Plus expose the hidden block keeping you stuck

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Let's Grow your Business from the Inside Out...

This quiz reveals how you're uniquely designed to thrive in business aka your Gifts Superpowers and the shadow side holding you back (shhhh it’s the secret to breaking through that we often don’t know about).


Levantay is a transformative leader and healer.

Dr. Barbara DeAngelis 16 Times New York Times Bestselling Author

Customized to You

Unlike other quizzes this is NOT a one size fits all report … It’s customized to YOU

And will reveal your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Gifts' Superpowers.

Your detailed report will reveal how you're uniquely designed to thrive in business and specifically what’s holding you back from making more money and impact..

Groundbreaking New Way for Entrepreneurs to Break Through Their Blocks and Soar!

With over 15 years experience in this space, I know that as human beings we are multilayered energy beings. In fact in Sanskrit, which is the oldest language on earth, the word human means “dispenser of divine gifts

See, your Gifts are your superpowers and the secret to how you are designed to thrive in life; they culminate into your unique ray of light that emanates from the source of ALL light.

It is a law that light blocked by an opaque object will cast a shadow. And since our light emanates from our spirit, which is housed in the opaque object of our bodies, it is only natural that our light also has a shadow side…

It is important to take the time to honor the shadow, but to be so aware and aligned that we live in the light.

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Over the past ten years I have had the pleasure of mentoring business owners to align with their Gifts and create Gift Powered Sales Systems (GPS)™ that bring them a flow of aligned leads, so they can rapidly grow their business 

I believe that entrepreneurs are the bravest and most gifted of all human beings and when we tap into our Gifts and Align our business we elevate all of humanity.  This is why I am personally on a mission to help 1000 heart centered entrepreneurs align and grow.

This is my gift to you…

I wasn't expecting to learn so much from a free quiz. 

The results are really customized and I learned so much about myself and business.

Andrea Entrepreneur

The clarity and actionable steps in the results are really on point.


Plus the bonus masterclass was unexpected and very insightful. 

Tessa  - Coach/Consultant

I love the results categories and that there are light and shadow sides.

As a Sage/Empath/Creative I found it helpful information about combining the three and leveraging the light and dark. It's a new way to look at both myself, and how I can improve my business to give more to my clients.

Alexanne - Speaker/Author/Body Language Expert

See for yourself

It only takes 2 Minutes

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