Empowering Latinas and Building Bridges for Success – Latina Mastermind

Meet the woman behind the app and global movement empowering Latinas in leadership and business. On this episode of Levantay TV the creator and founder of Latina Mastermind app. Dr. Gonzalez shares how she is empowering Latina women to reach their full potential with  “Latina Mastermind,” and how she became a global leader speaking on behalf of her hermanas at the White House and the United Nations. She is also the host of the only podcast on Latina Leadership under the same name Latina Mastermind, which is offered in both Spanish and English.

Clinical psychologist, educator, mother and founder of Latina Mastermind and National Society of Latina Leadership Dr Gonzalez is a “Powerhouse” breaking barriers and creating opportunities for her community. Today she brings us her expertise on how she has been able to create an empire as well as build bridges for others to thrive and find opportunities.

She is here on Levantay TV because she is one of those people who have been able to use her gifts to do work that light her up and she will share how you can do the same.


Watch the episode to hear Dr. Gonzalez explain why you never have to compete and why it is to your advantage to work with others even in similar businesses, professions and background for multiplied success. She is also a highly regarded speaker and coach on emotional intelligence. You don’t want to miss Dr. Isaura’s mini teaching on how  emotional intelligence (EQ) can take you farther than IQ. This episode truly is a gem and I hope you find it as powerful as I did.

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