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Psst I know that the holiday season is upon us and you are eager to go feast with your family and friends but before you go… feast your eyes on this:

The Official beYOUtiful Music Video


Our beYOUtiful light shines when we step out of the boxes others create for us and stand in our own truth. This song is a celebration of those who are brave enough to live form the core and chart their own path. Join the BeYOUtiful Life Here and lets shine together. As a member you get FREE music and Coaching to support you as you create your beYOUtiful Life!

I am so proud to see this message out in the world because this song was such a powerful motivating force in my life. It is my story of how I took charge of my life to create the beautiful reality that comes only when we stand in our truth and give our gifts to the world. It is my joy to support you to do the same through music and coaching. Cheers to the beYOUtiful Life! Enjoy buss a whine and remember, it’s your time.

Please Share the gifts by inviting your friends to join the BeYOUtiful Life. Send them this link There is ALOT behind this and a few great blogs that will be coming your way as I prepare to roll out a supporting documentary featuring the women in the video. I am excited to share this with you and I stay focused on the deeper mission to spread light through music and to use the many expressions of my voice to change lives.

Along with this I will be rolling out LevantayTV early 2016 where I will be supporting you to create the beyoutiful life you deserve. More on that later. For now enjoy the video and please help me to spread the light…Lord knows I can’t do it on my own.

If you’re not a member of the BeYOUtiful Life what are you waiting for? Click here to Join NOW. Be the first to get exclusives, free stuff and coaching to support you to achieve your dreams and live the BeYOUtiful Life You Deserve.

I am so grateful for you this thanksgiving. Share in the comments below what living the beyoutiful life means to you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

beYOUtiful Lyrics

She’s eccentric centric centric
Photogenic, genic, genic
She’s got magic magic magic
She is beautiful
Dem want wi all fi be di same
Boring in dem magazine
But I’d rather stick out than fit in
Beautifully made I wouldn’t change a thing
Seen so many images bout what I am supposed to be
It took a little time for me to carve out my identity
O o o you are beautiful x3
Hook (rpt 1)
She’s eccentric centric centric
Photogenic, genic, genic
She got magic magic magic
She is beautiful
I’m rockin out on my own cloud
Following my gut
Nah go back ina dat rut
Why dem a pretend
Seh wi should all be di same
Dem can keep dem silicone
True beauty is in the soul
We couldn’t all be roses
Every flower has a purpose
I get finer with time
Investing in my wisdom
Whether you tall, short, fat, slim yellow or brown
No mek none a dem tun yuh ina no clown
Love yourself first
Just listen to mi sound
Wid di L pon mi chest
I’m no average girl
Spread your wings
Dare to be different
Material things don’t define who we be
All my beautiful people
Celebrate yourself
I’m eccentric centric centric
Photogenic, genic, genic
I got magic magic magic
I’m beautiful
O o o you are beautiful (rpt to end)


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9 thoughts on “Watch beYOUtiful Official Video”

  1. Wow!! I LOVE the video!! The song is terrific all by itself, but the video speaks volumes and really energizes the soul! I love it and I’m putting it on my Favorites and on my Music playlist in YouTube.

    I’ll definitely be sharing the gift link, and I’m so looking forward to hearing more from you. I support you 100% – your mission is AWESOME!


  2. Francie Eschenower

    Hey, great video!! I’ve never believed in following someone else’s dream. Live life to the fullest, that’s how you get the most out of it. Keep it up, girl, you’re doing great!

  3. Great video! And even better lyrics…..glad you’ve put this out. I feel for the young girls out there, they need more positive role models, be it actresses, singers, etc….media saturates them so much. More of this will greatly improve how girls grow up to be women who are happy with themselves. And though we can try our hardest as parents, there is only so much we can do…esp. once they grow up and leave the house to be on their own. thank you Lev for doing this…it will touch so many people positively! 🙂

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