So you’re probably expecting to find the long stuffy bio where I write about myself in third person and go on and on about my accomplishments….BUT since I make my own rules here I am just going to go ahead and speak to you directly. Press Play

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Levantay is a singer, award-winning writer, certified success coach and the host of LevantayTV. Levantay is an expert communicator with more than 10 years experience working for media powerhouses such as CBS, MTV, and BET. She was named a thought leader for the millennial generation by best selling author and pioneer businesswoman Sharon Lechter.
Through coaching and music she helps high achievers to unleash their full potential, use their gifts to do meaningful work they love and live the BeYOUtiful Life of freedom, prosperity and significance. She also helps corporations to develop more effective leaders and a more productive and empowered workforce.
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I Truly Believe That A Candle Looses Nothing By Lighting Another

When You Invest in Yourself by Purchasing With Me A Portion of The Proceeds Go To The Charities I  Support.




Brave Girls Change The World

Empowering Girls To Find Their Voice and Use it To Change Their World. 




A For Purpose Foundation in Development. Inspired by Levantay’s Song “Brave Girl” to support young girls to develop the confidence to stand in their own truth and become the change they want to see in the world. Through programs, funding, partnerships and events we are building a foundation that will provide a voice for girls without one.


I love to bask in the power of words and use them to make a difference. These are my LevNotes or Love Notes to you.     If they resonate with you, feel free to share them using hashtags #LevNote #Levantay 

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