Do you have the right Mindset to Succeed?

  • 90% of your success depends on your Mindset
  • The key to a winning mindset is how you deal with challenges
  • Discover your Challenge Personality™ and how to win at anything you set your mind to


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What areas you should focus on to improve your mindset and success

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Meet Levantay

Levantay is a Professor, Singer and Author. She helps professionals and entrepreneurs break through their blocks with the 7 Laws of the Champion Mindset Method ™ so they can live more, earn more and be more.

With over ten years experience working for media power houses like CBS, MTV and BET Levantay is an expert communicator. Now as a college professor and singer she uses her voice as a platform for empowerment and personal development because she wants to live in a world where everyone is following their bliss and operating at full potential.


Do You Have The Right Mindset To Succeed?

This quiz is designed to help you identify what’s holding you back, assess the quality of your life, and gain clarity on effective next steps to improve your mindset. As you answer the questions, think of a challenge you are facing right now. Allow 5 to 10 minutes to complete the assessment. Get started below!